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Our world is in a evelasting state of change. May it be about commerce, customers, company culture or our environment.  Therefore it is of utomost importance and to keep up to date with this world we’re all living in.

One particular change is about the way we will be working on a daily base. Due to our worldwide crisis, we have learned that it is possible to work and to be productive outside of the office.  There are even some voices which say, that home office is more sustainable: https://www.owllabs.com/blog/environmental-benefits-working-from-home. Less traffic jam, less operating expenses, more space for apartments. Just to name a few.

The same goes for travelling to attend meetings. Airplanes have a large carbon footprint. There is a calculator to find out, how much stress is created for our environment, when travelling to a meeting


For many countries it has been and still is quite a challenge, to manage remote teams and it has a lot to do with company culture, mindset and trust. In my home country, the Netherlands, home office is a right which is enforced by law since 2014.

“On 14 April 2015, the Dutch Senate has accepted the Flexible Working Act, allowing employees of companies in the Netherlands more flexibility in respect of working hours and working from home. With effect from 1 January 2016, employees will be able to ask not only for changes to the number of hours they work, but also changes to the times they are required to work and their place of work.

An employer has to agree with a request to change the number of working hours, unless there are substantial business reasons for not doing so. Case law shows that business interests are rarely considered to be weighty enough. An alternative distribution of working hours as a result of a reduction in working hours also has to be accepted by the employer, unless business interests outweigh the preferences of the employee.”

Source: https://www.globalworkplaceinsider.com

Home office will turn more and more into a quite normal situation and people will discover the advantages of flexible work when employers learn that epmloyees whould be judged on whether delivering value and not on the fact that an employee sits at a desk for nine hours a day.

Found here: https://www.bbc.com/worklife/article/20200623-what-the-dutch-can-teach-the-world-about-remote-work

For being a certified Scrum Master and Product Owner and also for having an agile mindset, I became curious about how agile projects can be remotely excecuted. Therefore I have installed a new WordPress® on which I will  write and publish posts about remot agility. ave look here https://robvanlinda.digital. Enjoy 🙂

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