The use of Vimeo on this website

Reading Time: < 1 minutes

Like YouTube®, Vimeo® picks your IP and follows you through your internet journey. To protect you from this tracking, I have implemented a solution, which is as secure as the one but has a bit different approach.

On a page which has a video from Vimeo® embedded, an image will be shown, which is located on my server at Alfahosting®. By clicking this image, a lightbox (modal-/pop-in window/layer) will open and you can click the play button.  The video doesn’t start automatically.

Only when by clicking the button, you agree to the terms of Vimeo. Underneath you can watch a video which shows all details about how a Vimeo® clip is embedded.. This video is located on my server space at my hoster, so there  will be no data tracked.

Underneath, you can see a live demonstration with an embedded video from Vimeo®

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