The future of B2B and the new demands of consumers

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  • e-commerce affects up to 56% of purchases in stores
  • e-commerce accounts for nearly 10% of US retail sales
  • This number is growing by almost 15% annually.

Consumption of B2B e-commerce

Nearly $ 1 billion B2B e-commerce.

Changing the expectations of B2B buyers → Need for B2C-like functionality

  • The growth of digitally savvy generation Z
  • Mobile ubiquity
  • Constant optimization of e-commerce technology

The above circumstances force rethinking and rapid adaptation of the traditionally slow-moving B2B sector

Not just by browser

Internet of Things (IoT) reduces browser dependency

In the near future additionally:

  • Apps
  • AR interfaces
  • Voice interactions

Example: Rooftop on-site technicians have apps with diagnostic tools, technical information, installation instructions, product information, local inventory availability, and ordering capacity directly from the app.

Mobile e-commerce increasingly important


  • The buyers are getting younger and younger
  • Are increasingly mobile.
  • According to Google’s recent “The Changing Face of B2B Marketing” report, 42% of B2B customers use mobile devices.

User behavior on mobile devices:

  • Research of products
  • Comparison of prices and functions
  • Contacting dealers
  • Completion of transactions

Multi-system integration is useful

  • E-commerce systems are increasingly integrating with other core platforms back-end supply chain software
  • Customer relationship management systems
  • Global view on all channel-selling activities

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