The expectations for B2B are increasing

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The expectations for B2B are increasing

Driver of change:

  • The boundaries between private and professional life are disappearing. People tend to use one phone for work and private instead of having two phones.
  • Consumers not only shop in offline shops nowadays, but are shopping online – on mobile-optimized (responsive) websites more often.
  • The same people who use a banking app, also book their holidays on their smartphones or buy more expensive items (For example: I bought a cutlery set for 12 persons in a bistro during lunch).
  • B2C buyers are B2B buyers. When looking for a product or service as a B2B customer, there’s the demand for the same comfort (intuitive user interfaces (UX) and user experience (UX) and the same (personalized) service which is already offered by the B2C commerce.
  • The advent of the gig-economy, in which previously permanent employees are now moving from job to job as freelancers, further fueled this trend.
  • Private individuals are also professionals. They have the same consumer behavior in both fields, which includes doing research on social platforms and blogs for private and business purchases.

Required conversions in B2B companies:

  • Put customers at the center of their own work
  • B2B business models will be determined by end customers in the future.
  • Reinforced by services (product explanations are no longer sufficient)

Certainly, it still will be necessary to have personal conversation with a dealer for highly complex products, but business customers are already starting to get first inquiries when on the road.

And of course they expect a consistent user experience across all devices and channels.


First summary

It can be seen from the previous articles that not only user behavior in the B2C sector but also in the B2B sector is rapidly changing.

Anyone who has become accustomed to interfaces, features and comfort at home would also like to enjoy these benefits when purchasing online professionally.

B2C is propelling B2B and the entrepreneurs have to adapt the B2C features and offer a comfortable, convenient customer experience to make sure, that B2B will continue to be successful in the future.

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