Social Share Buttons GDPR Compliant

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Social platforms collect your data as soon as you are visitng a website which offers, so called, social share buttons. Even if you are not clicking one of the buttons.

When accessing websites, users are already transmitting certain information to providers, including browser names, languages preferences, and their device’s IP address. With user consent, this data can be collected with cookies for retargeting purposes in analysis and marketing.

Unless users explicitly block these cookies in their setting options, their browser will automatically send existing cookies to the relevant domain. The cookies’ character strings can then be assigned to individual users. The respective service can combine such information with other data already stored on the user.

Using this pre-established information, the user can be identified relatively precisely using social plugins. If you are logged into a social network like Facebook (or have an account there), the ‘Like’ button makes it possible to find out which page the user has just visited. Facebook’s social plugin is therefore a threat to user’s data privacy insofar as personal data can be evaluated without the intermediate step of the user officially giving their consent.

 c’t IT magazine has developed “Shariff Social Share“. This plugin allows you to share website content without providing your data to social media platforms.

GDPR Compliant

No need to worry about GDPR anymore!  The social share buttons on this site are just plain and simmple links i.e. like the ones in the navigation of this website or the one to the website of c’t magazine in this text.

Common social share buttons embed a script inmto the code of the site, which comes directly from the social platforms and which connects the site to the platform.

This link has no direct connection and you agree sharing only after clicking a share button. If you don’t klick one of the buttons, there will be no data transferred.

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