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My very first experience with personalized “marketing” was when I was buying the first time at “About You”. Or better: when I was returning to the shop and logged in.

“About You” changed into “About Rob”. This happened quite some years ago and I was yet not aware of digitization or marketing tools. I was aware though, that my name was saved when adding my credentials during the buying process.

And I liked it. It gave me the feeling that About You “knows” me. I know, it’s just an illusion, but pleasant one which enhances the shopping experience.

A few weeks ago, I was attending a meeting about the relaunch of a website. We were talking about the design and the conversation switched to needed features and optimization like range, SEO etc to have business benefits from the site (untill that time, their old site was dead and ugly).

I mentioned, that it is crucial to add new content on a regular base. First for the visitors who notice that there is something new to read about often, second for the search engines because they index a site more often when there is new content.

I also mentioned that storytelling and (personalized) social marketing on platforms like Xing, LinkedIn, Facebook and, yes!, Instagram is important. Everybody was looking at me in a way as if I had said something bad and one of the developers answered “Facebook is bad and social platforms in general are bad!”

I often wonder about the fear for social media. Yes things have happened and yes we have to take care about out data. But also yes, it is a great way to present yourself and your products/services.

Customers (both B2B and B2C) are often doing research, before they purchase. They’re looking if there are bargains or if the prices in online shops are better than the one in the brick-and-mortar shops.

They also read comments from people who’ve bought a product already(there you have to be critical because some comments might not me real, but bought by the provider). It IS important to interact with the “audience”,to be present and to be authentic.

I know some micro influencers, who are experts in their domain and who have fans who read their posts on a regular base. Those micro influencers are not after becoming rich like some well-proportioned ladies out there.

Some just wanted to tell about their profession and experiences and have been approached by a company to tell about their soft or hardware and some just want to present and represent the company they’re working for.

The latter one is great to create an image of trustworthiness and authenticity, Member s of the team “employees” are telling about daily working life, about real-life experiences like interesting projects, challenges which rose up and had been solved successfully. Issues most of us know and which are familiar to us.

And if a company knows it’s audience, it can deliver custom content due to the preferences of each target group. Thanks to machine learning, artificial intelligence and biometric identification.

An example of this can be found at the Westfield shopping complex in Shepherd’s Bush, London – the complex now has cameras in and around the mall which use facial recognition technology to determine the age, sex, and even the mood of the shoppers as they move through the buildings. Based on what the system learns, it can then display different ads on the various digital billboards around the mall in order to maximize consumer response.

I’m a premium user at YouTube for some weeks now and the propositions made my YouTube becomes more and more according to my taste. I hardly search nowadays, because there will be always a video which interests me.

This is something I miss when it comes to commercial content in general on Google. When I bought myself a nice tie, I can bet on it, that I will see the same tie in dozens of adverts. This annoys me sometimes.

I don’t want to buy exact the same tie again. Show me some socks which perfectly fit my tie. Or a nice shirt, a jacket. But not the same tie, please.

This is in fact an addtion to my previous post. By customizing the buyer’s experience and the palette of goods, it becomes a tailored on due to the customer’s preferences.

In China, commerce is so far forward already. I know, I know.. China is a bad big brother who collects every little information and details from the people.

But the companies are doing a great job when it comes to marketing. Have a look at this video.

What is Social Commerce
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I think that our world, with all it’s possibilities is exciting.

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