Germany’s finally adapting digitization, agility and new work

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The world is suffering. The Corona virus has a huge impact on our private and professional lives.

But also governments and companies are facing challenges.

Especially in Germany one can see huge changes. Managers adapt New Work/Work 4.0. They have to trust their Team(s) and they have to adapt remote working.

It’s ordered by the government. The most seen hashtag on television is #wirbleibenzuhause (#westay@home) at the moment.

When it comes to new fields like digitization, agility, internet and new work, Germany was always running a bit behind the rest of the world. Slow internet, cashless payment was often a problem and working in a company was like working in the era of Charles Dickens. Mr. Scrooge has oftem come to my mind.

But it’s actually changing! Since the Corona Pandemic, Germany is different. They make quick decisions without the bureaucracy Germany was famous for. They act agile.

Even cashless/contactless payments are preffered nowadays.

People are working remote and are getting more familar with all the tolls, which are common for modern working. It is a shame, that a crisis has to occur to change a country and it’s people.

But it shows, that bad times can have their good sides.

It is astounding, that the Germans learn and (re)act that quickly, for they have been known for thinking and planning too much and too long when making decisions.

It’s never too late to learn new things.

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