Germans should change their mindset and open up for the new age

I live in Germany for many years now, and I really like Germany and the Germans. But, although I am pretty “Germanized”, there are still some German “features” I don’t understand.

I’m 54 years old (almost 55) and so I’m a member of the, so-called, generation X, but I’m always curious about new things. When There’s a new product, no matter if it’s physical or digital, I must try it.

The world it too exciting not to explore all that happens now and in the future. Germans are  bit more cautious. They sit, wait and observe what all the new movements will do and what impact they’ll have.

I can’t count all the “discussions” I hand with clients about their online shops and even simple websites. I have been excited about social marketing quite some years ago already and autopublish (when publishing a post by clicking the according button, the post will be published to all the connected social platforms in real-time) seems a gift from heaven.

No need to copy the URL of the post and to open a dozen tabs to past it into a new post in your profile/page.

Many clients reacted frightened. “No I don’t want my site/shop to be connected with Facebook®! I don’t want them to have access to my data.” Of course I explained them, that Facebook won’t have access to their sales numbers, but it seemed as if they regarded social media like a devil taking possession of the shop.

I have organized workshops (creating presentations in PowerPoint®, which i hate) to demonstrate the advantages of connecting a website and/or shop with social platforms.

And still I notice a denying posture against digitalization. This is not the fault of the German people. It is the fault of the German government. They neglected their task to bring the people into digitalization.

First of all, we have this old lady Dr. Angela Merkel, who is absolutely out of date and has absolutely no clue about the new world and her “Team” is also quite lost, when it comes to the new ways of agile communication and business.

And of the leaders of a country are backwards, how can one expect the people to react more future-thinking.

Even young people are still not aware of the need to think digital. Read about an example, I experienced myself here.

Here’s a great video by Deutsche Welle

Slow Internet, Slow Economic Growth | Made in Germany - Interview
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